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About Me

Cinematographer. Photographer. Creator.


Jothan Salfarlie

Looking to use my creative eye to capture your memorable moments and learning new ways to create. 

A Wilfrid Laurier University Alumni with a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Film and Communications. A former Laurier Football athlete, that made the transition from making an impact on the field to off the field. During my time at Laurier, I hosted 

The Hawk Eyes Sports radio station while providing curated content such as photos and videos for Laurier’s various sports and social media channels.

I’ve always shown a passion for the creation of new ideas and ways of expression. Over the past years, I have started to diversify my portfolio with a focus on other fields such as sports, weddings/events, professional headshots and promotional material.

Being able to document special occasions, events and achievements are what drives me. I want to capture your extraordinary moments that will last for generations.

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